Monday 15 September 2014

Time to buy property!

Property prices are on the up.

Auctioneers and Economists are sighting ever growing figures in the Greater Dublin area, owing primarily to the shortage of supply and indeed the shortage of new builds- this in turn is creating a dramatic rise in property prices.

This is set to increase, so I would urge consumers that are considering getting on the property ladder to look at their options now, as the prices are not showing any signs of falling, in the short term.

Notwithstanding, NAMA have recently asserted through various communications, that they intend on addressing this problem, by potentially entering the construction market, as the housing shortage is one of their key initiatives.

I for one, believe this good news and believe that NAMA have been largely successful in what their objectives have been to date and am welcoming the news that they tend to tackle the housing shortage issue.

In the short term, however I would advise if you are considering buying to make contact with a reputable Estate Agent for advice in this area.

I can recommend many skilled Estate Agents in your area. If you would like to discuss this , along with general matters concerning property purchases or sales in your local area, feel free to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Wesley Hudson


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