Monday 20 July 2015

Personal Injury Statistics in recent years.

There has been a steady increase in Personal Injury Litigation, since 2009, with there being a significant increase in claims, year on year.

In 2008 , there were 6,466 personal injury summonses issued in the High Court , compared with 7,751 issued in 2012.

This illustrates the volume of claims that have proceeded to the courts, notwithstanding the Injuries Board being the statutory claims forum , of first instance.

This may be indicative that the awards being proposed via injuries board assessment are unsatisfactory to Plaintiffs (claimants) and they have chosen to have their matters litigated (brought through the courts) as an alternative.

It is also important to note that any psychological injuries, will not be assessed by the Injuries Board and the Injuries Board will simply issue an authorisation to have the matter adjudicated by the courts.

Whilst the Injuries Board has a very important function in resolving personal injury claims, it appears that it does fall short, in providing a full solution for a significant number of claimants.

With figures in excess of 8,000 (2013) , making claims to the High Court alone, for Personal Injury actions- this is indicative that proper legal advice is vital to achieving the best outcome , in what is a particularly distressing situation for any claimant.

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