Monday 6 June 2016

Fintan Hudson Bio - Personal Injury Claims experience.

Dear Readers,

We are writing this piece, to create awareness as to Personal Injury claims in Ireland , how to deal with them and the right experience to seek in a legal advisor, to carry out such a matter on your behalf.

Fintan Hudson of this office, has been involved in Personal Injury Litigation, both on the defence/insurance side and indeed on the Plaintiff/Claimant side for in excess of 40 years.

Prior to working with Legal practices, he was a senior manager in the insurance industry for over 30 years, defending Personal Injury claims.

In the most recent part of his extensive career, he has been working in conjunction with Legal Practices, most recently Hudson Solicitors, advising Plaintiffs/Claimants, assisting them with their claims.

Liability is the most crucial aspect of any personal injury claim and once it has been concluded as to who is liable for the personal injury , that has been sustained, then it is matter for your legal advisor to put the best case forward on your behalf, which can include but not limited, to obtaining the correct expert medical reporting and often expert reporting on any financial losses that have been incurred and potentially into the future.

Personal Injury claims, are often complex and fraught with difficulty, that is why it is critical that the correct advice is obtained, at the earliest opportunity and from a suitable advisor.

If you have been unfortunate enough to obtain a personal injury, it is key that you obtain the correct advice at the earliest opportunity, so that the most appropriate claim, permissible by the law, can be advanced on your behalf.

We would be delighted to answer any queries you may have , by contacting us in the office.

Yours sincerely,

Hudson Solicitors

Wednesday 24 February 2016

House prices set to rise in 2016!

Dear Readers,

According to the property price survey, carried out by , property prices are set to rise by up to 5% in 2016.

According to the experts in  Davys Stockbrokers, who assisted in preparing the recent report; they have predicted the growth is due and owing to rises in incomes and the ongoing economic recovery.

Notwithstanding the predicted growth, the same difficulties remain with regards first time buyers and accessing, that all important first mortgage finance, which indirectly has contributed to the rise in property prices.

The news is welcomed for people looking to put their property on the market, however it continues to create hurdles for first time buyers.

It will be interesting to see what measures the soon to be newly elected government, plan to put in place, to navigate these barriers to entry for first time buyers.

Should you have any queries, relating to mortgage applications, or indeed putting your property on the market, we have extensive knowledge and understanding of the conveyancing process and dealing with mortgage providers and we can assist you with preparing yourself for any of these transactions.

Feel free to contact us for a non-committal discussion, regarding any of the issues discussed above.

Yours sincerely,

Hudson Solicitors.

Monday 8 February 2016

Problems and defects with your property?

We at Hudson Solicitors, are heavily involved in Construction Disputes.

Regrettably, due and owing to the seemingly endemic poor construction work, that took place in Ireland over the last 10 years, or so, many property owners are experiencing ongoing issues, with their houses and apartments, which were bought in good faith and which were allegedly built in compliance with building regulations.

We as a practice have acted and continue to act for many clients, who are experiencing ongoing problems, with properties, that they have purchased.

This can be anything from structural problems, dampness issues, pyrite issues and fire safety issues in multi-unit developments.

Please note there are solutions to these problems and we as a practice have extensive experience, in dealing with same and providing solutions to these issues and have further acted for multiple clients, in several developments.

We have a highly experienced team of engineers, architects and construction experts, who assist us with resolving these matters.

Should you have any concerns regarding a property you have purchased, please contact us for a non-committal discussion, as to how we may be able to assist you, in the same manner we have been able to assist our other clients.

Yours sincerely,

Hudson Solicitors

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Legal Services Regulation Bill.

The recently finalised Legal Services Regulation Bill, is being dubbed as the biggest overhaul/reform of the legal services industry, in the history of the state.

Whilst, the Bill has been passed through the various stages of the cabinet, it will be a period of time, before the proposed changes, come into force.

The notable changes are as follows;

1. An independent regulator , is to be established with oversight of the legal profession.
2. 'One stop shops'- there is to be the introduction of multi-disciplinary practices, which effectively would mean that barristers, solicitors and accountants could likely all operate under the same corporate entity.
3. There is to be a review on legal fees and as to how law firms charge their fees, with a view to more transparency for clients.
4. The introduction of Limited Liability Partnerships- which effectively means that Law Firms and their partners will no longer be personally liable in matters of dispute. As with all Limited Liability company, any debts or disputes pertaining to the company, will be matters for the company itself and not the individuals.

The above are the key points, in respect of the proposed changes, which have been welcomed by many , however as with all legislation, until it is in operation it remains to be seen as to who the greater beneficiaries of the legislation, will be.

We as a law firm are in favour of change and forward thinking and our clients are our priority , as we would not have a practice without them.

Any proposals that will offer a greater customer experience to our clients, is very much welcomed by us.

Yours sincerely,

Hudson Solicitors.

Monday 20 July 2015

Personal Injury Statistics in recent years.

There has been a steady increase in Personal Injury Litigation, since 2009, with there being a significant increase in claims, year on year.

In 2008 , there were 6,466 personal injury summonses issued in the High Court , compared with 7,751 issued in 2012.

This illustrates the volume of claims that have proceeded to the courts, notwithstanding the Injuries Board being the statutory claims forum , of first instance.

This may be indicative that the awards being proposed via injuries board assessment are unsatisfactory to Plaintiffs (claimants) and they have chosen to have their matters litigated (brought through the courts) as an alternative.

It is also important to note that any psychological injuries, will not be assessed by the Injuries Board and the Injuries Board will simply issue an authorisation to have the matter adjudicated by the courts.

Whilst the Injuries Board has a very important function in resolving personal injury claims, it appears that it does fall short, in providing a full solution for a significant number of claimants.

With figures in excess of 8,000 (2013) , making claims to the High Court alone, for Personal Injury actions- this is indicative that proper legal advice is vital to achieving the best outcome , in what is a particularly distressing situation for any claimant.

We at Hudson Solicitors, are experts in the area of personal injury claims/ litigation and if you have been unfortunate enough to have been a victim in a personal injury matter, then we would be delighted to assist you from the outset, with any queries you may have.

You can contact us in the office on
687716/ [email protected] to make an appointment, or to simply discuss any elements of concern.

Best wishes,

Hudson Solicitors, Dun Laoghaire.

Monday 15 June 2015

New Companies Act Overview.

The new Companies Act introduces name changes to a number of company types. It also sets out a “conversion” process required for all existing private companies limited by shares (EPCs) into one of two new company types.  

This “conversion” procedure affects approximately 85% of Irish registered companies which are currently Private Companies (Limited by Shares). The new Companies Act doesn’t just consolidate all the Companies Acts from 1963 to 2013, it also introduces two new company models, one of which (the LTD company) is a much simplified company type. 

All companies currently registered as the “Private Limited by Shares” company type must choose to convert to one of these two new company types - LTD (Private company limited by shares), or  DAC (Designated Activity Company).  Guarantee companies and unlimited companies will be required to change their names under the new Act.

No fees will be charged for companies undergoing the Conversion process or meeting the name requirements under the new Act. The relevant conversion documents may be filed for free.

Tuesday 2 June 2015

Dun Laoghaire Summer Events- Fun Run 20th June 2015.

Ireland’s Most Colourful Fun Run to Return to Dun Laoghaire Harbour
Ireland’s most colourful 5km fun run, the Rainbow Run, is set to return to Dun Laoghaire Harbour Saturday, 20th June. The run will take place on Dun Laoghaire’s West Pier, giving participants breathtaking views of Dublin Bay and the Wicklow Mountains.
The unique run involves participants of all abilities and ages being doused from head to toe with coloured powder paint while they run, jog or walk the 5km route.
Participants are encouraged to wear white to the event, so when they complete the route they will be covered in a kaleidoscope of colour. The powder used for the event is a non-toxic and natural product.
This year there is a new addition to the run in the form of a ‘Rainbow Slide’, a custom built slide leading into the Irish Sea. Tickets are currently on sale and are limited to 4,999 participants.
Smash Hits have been added to this years Rainbow Run live music acts! A unique tribute to the golden era of early 90s dance, pop and R‘n’B. This Dublin six-piece is comprised of experienced musicians performing the best of classic 90s tracks.